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Before you start your domain transfer.
  • "Verify that your domain has been registered for at least 30 days "
  • Unlock the domain at your current registrar ?
  • Verify that your email address is listed as domain contact.
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The transfer approval instructions will be sent by email to the registered domain contact. Please check your email and click accept.


Once your former registrar has accepted the transfer, the domain will be available in your Oxahost account

Your questions, our answers

What is a domain transfer?

Domain transfer is technically a transfer of ownership of a domain name from one registrar to another. The process does not interrupt the function of services related to your web address, such as websites and e-mail, primarily because your registrars are solely responsible for the transfer of domain name registrations.

Before you can fully transfer a domain name, you must have two elements: a validated web address under your registration and a new registrar in which you want to move. Because domain transfer is easy, you still need to understand the underlying elements of the process in order to understand the operation of this service and to avoid technical problems in the future.

How to transfer a domain name

In most cases, to successfully transfer your domain name, you must place an application form with the new registrar to which you want to go. At Oxahost, our process is similar and fast. Without interruption, your website services, e-mail and other related networks are always operational. And, in just 10 days, the domain transfer process will be completed successfully.

However, make sure your web address is active so that you can edit name changes. Otherwise, if it is locked, inactive, or in a redemption or deletion period, the process will be impossible to complete. For a complete guide on how to change the ownership of web addresses, visit our website here.

Why do domain owners want to transfer domain names?


Undeniably, one of the most common reasons why registrants change ownership from one account management to another is due to price. Without annual price reductions, registrants will likely leave the current registrars and move to a new registrar with affordable domain transfer pricing, without compromising the efficiency of services. Most registrants want to choose affordable offers and look forward to exciting promotions that can certainly help reduce costs.

Special offers

In addition to inexpensive offers, registrants are still looking for special features that will simplify the organization of accounts and reduce their workload. Registrars offering easy-to-use management tools are more likely to transfer domains than those who only keep bland offers. In addition to this, a complicated interface will also push enrollees to switch from a provider with a more user-friendly website.

Privacy issues

More importantly, privacy issues are crucial for domain name owners and registrars. Since online transactions are private, registrants carefully select registrars before purchasing services. Sometimes, while attractive and affordable on the surface, some registrars do not offer authentic security and protection of sensitive information. As a result, filers move one domain from one registrar host to another in order to feel protected from cyber attacks and online theft.

What do you need to know before transferring domain names?

Expiration date

Most customers do not know when is the best time to transfer their web address to another registrar. First, be aware of expiration schedules, especially if you plan to change domain registrar. Technically, it is advisable to change ownership 30 days before the expiry date to avoid unexpected technical problems or delays that could hinder the transfer process.

Preparation Details

Be sure to read and understand the terms and conditions of your new registrar. Before you transfer domain names, first unlock your domain name, set its public status, secure an application form and make sure you have a valid email address. Our crazy domain transfer provides a simple, step-by-step process to easily complete the domain transfer. For more information about this, contact us.


Whatever the main motivation for your decision to transfer a domain name, one of the most important things to consider before changing registrars is the price. Beware of fake fees that underpin attractive sales and promotions. Look for the history of your potential registrar and do not settle for a hosting provider who does not maintain or value confidentiality. On the positive side, our transfer services here at Oxahost are FREE, with customer support and simple management tools.

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